Born To Groove

One of the advantages of a website like this is that you can dip into it anywhere and find something to play, sing or dance.

Enjoying watching and listening — there are many clips and tracks from which to choose. An important note though: Be sure to watch and listen one at a time!

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Our goal is to get more children moving and grooving through the rest of their lives.

BEST Practices

Building confident expression
Encouraging creativity
Synchronizing with others
Trying to prevent the latest tech-induced disorders

Children can learn to drum, sing and dance all-at-the-same-time if we play with them in that way. It may not take much coaching or prompting for children to reinvent a child culture that includes evolving drum-song-dance styles.
Playing is an action, a process, you are either doing it physically or you are not. It only takes a few seconds, or a pulsation of the artery to become a drummer! Pick up a finger and let if fall on a surface. Do it again in time with your heart, or with a ticking clock, or with a friend keeping together in time with you.
Everything alive has rhythms, pulsations. The heart beats and moves the blood around; the lungs expand and contract and move air around; every muscle, every neuron, works rhythmically.
Everyone is born to groove — and it’s never too early to learn how to develop this essential muscle to its full potential. It can be a daycare center or a block party or a community fundraiser, all you need are a few simple beats and grooves to get a party going, and perhaps the start of a new groove band. Want to start a groove? It’s easy!